1. Complete application forms in full. Parents should complete separate application forms for each learner. No two learners shall share one set of application forms.
  2. Please Note - Names of Learners should be written as they appear on their birth certificates.
  3. Only legally adopted children with official documentation shall be regarded as siblings to children of a guardian
  4. Attach the following documents:
    1. Parents ID copy
    2. Learner’s Birth certificate
    3. Recent school report
    4. Proof of Residence (address)
    5. Pay slip or proof of earnings / employment
    6. Transfer Letter (from Grade 2 onwards)
    7. Inoculation Certificate (if applying for Grade1)
    8. Initial Payment of School Fees (a bank deposit slip)
  5. Hand in the above documents to school admin office. The school may not process incomplete application forms. Such forms will be placed on waiting list and only be processed when the outstanding documents are delivered.
  6. Proof of affordability may be required from parents before admission is granted.
  7. Note: If necessary, a learner may be required to be interviewed or assessed when necessary.
  8. Once Admission Application Forms are returned, together with the necessary supporting documents, the school admin office will issue the following documents to applicants, if all requirements are met:
    1. Letter of admission
    2. Receipt (as proof of payment of fees)

Click HERE to download Application form