About Us

We pray for all Matriculants and the rest of our learners writing exams during this period, May God be with you all. Dont forget to study though, 100% input, 100% results!!!!!

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Our aim is to search, develop and direct intellectual, sporting, moral and other talents, with the ultimate goal of laying a foundation for self-reliance, and stimulating desire for advancement to tertiary education and national development. We therefore seek to:

  • Introduce & nurture liberal, technical, business and scientific education in pupils, by offering them a wide range of academic, practical and commercial subjects as well as a variety of sporting and cultural activities;
  • Inculcate wholesome all–round discipline in our youth and staff for the sake of presenting our society’s moral fibre.

As a member of BASA Tutorial Institute (Protea Glen), learners under take to:


By taking every opportunity to develop spiritual life through service and worship.


With respect tolerance and humility, offering the individual space to grow, recognizing others’ rights to learn as being far more important than own right.


By taking pride in own actions and thoughts, and striving at all times to improve oneself through honesty, moral courage, tough-mindedness and self-disciplined.


By maintaining at all times a high level of dignity and sportsmanship valuing oneself and high name of the school enough and realizes the detriments effects of untoward behavior.


By respecting other’s property and environment, and in so doing uphold the name of BASA Tutorial Institute (Protea Glen)

Awards ceremonies are done once in a year in all our branches. Learners are awarded for academic, leadership & sporting excellence.

Currently in progress!!!