Mr A Dube

Quite tremendous and remarkable strides have been witnessed since 2011 when ‘Basa Knowledge Is Virtue Academy started with 5 learners and 3 teachers in 2011. Currently it is spouting with an enrolment of 400 learners, a percentage growth of about 99%. The Pie Chart below summarizes the recorded annual growth for Basa Knowledge Is Virtue in 3 consecutive years:

kva growth chart      

Reasons for such spontaneous growth is coupled with the following reasons:

  • Stability of motivated educators because of good salaries competitive to the market;
  • Excellent academic delivery;
  • Disciplined learners ready to learn;
  • Co-curricular activities excellency;
  • Positive parental involvement in the school’s input, especially on child discipline;
  • Well directed management expertise;
  • Continuously keeping abreast on Department of Education curriculum and requirements;
  • Highly experienced professional educators fully baptised in Theories of Education in handling learners and any given curriculum to teach;
  • Adherence to Christian principles as our measure stick to good role model to both teacher and learner behaviour and
  • Good sanitation and smart environment conducive to learning.

Basing on the above reasons we expect to have an enrolment of not less than 600 learners in 2015.

KNOWLEDGE IS VIRTUE ACADEMY is registered with the Department of Education and follows the prescribed curriculum. Learners are assessed in accordance with government standards and sit for Government National Examinations in Grade 3, 6, 9 and Matric. Registration Number: DET REG. No. and for our examinations GDE Centre No. 132365

Language Policy: BASA is an English medium school.

Message From:

Mr. A. Dube

Principal at Basa Knowledge is Virtue Academy

Proof of grade level (recent school academic report) will be required in all cases. Learners may be assessed when necessary in order to determine the grade level and subject stream to follow.


English Language Mathematics Social Science
Mathematics Life skills Natural Science
Computer Studies Add. Languages Economic Man. Sciences
Life Skills English Language Technology
Additional Languages Natural Science Mathematics
Technology Computer literacy
Social Science Life Orientation
English Home language
Afrikaans / IsiZulu
Computer studies are offered to all learners – Grade 1 to Matric. At BASA KNOWLEDGE IS VIRTUE ACADEMY, every child should be able to operate a computer. These lessons are offered free of charge. However, learners are required to buy computer text books. Please obtain text book lists from the school.
BASA TUTORIAL INSTITUTE has prescribed text books in each subject/learning area. Study manuals are also prescribed in certain learning areas. It is compulsory for each learner to acquire minimum number of text books.

Click HERE to download the list.

Learners are supplied with a starter pack of stationery at the beginning of the school term (in January). This Stationery pack is only intended to provide learners with minimum material to commence with learning. Learners will be required to acquire the rest of stationery items needed to run for a full year. Please obtain this list of stationery items from school.Each learner will be given a school diary. This diary forms part of photograph package that each learner will get in March 2015

Click HERE to download the list.

Uniform is compulsory and must be worn in its entirety. Blazers must be worn on all school days throughout the year (this is applicable to high school learners only). Learners will NOT be allowed to enter BASA schools without full uniform. See Learners’ Code of Conduct for more details on school uniform. School Uniform is obtainable from:


We offer a wide range of sporting activities and all learners are encouraged to take part, either at a competitive or social level. The school has a team of 80 highly dedicated teachers who are specialists in their fields or subjects.