Mr C Ndlovu

Basa Freedom School belongs to a group of schools under Basa Educational Institute Trust.

We pride ourselves in being the centre of learning excellence located right in the heart of Greater Johannesburg. All along we have actively engaged the economic hub of Sub Saharan Africa Johannesburg and the world at large. We are housed strategically in Park Station where most of the major routes like Metro -rail, Metro- buses and private commuter taxis converge. Again this is the melting point; where all the worlds; the world of science, the world of technology, the world of media and the world of the arts interact. With such a privilege; one can boldly say our learners and educators have the unique opportunity in that they learn, study, consult, and interact with practitioners and leaders in almost every sphere of modern life. When the waves of change send ripples across the entire world Johannesburg is among the first to resonate with new changes. But we have remained a local school with a global touch. Our learners come from all walks of life; townships, SADEC and Africa.

This school is registered with the Department of Education and follows the prescribed curriculum. Learners are assessed in accordance with government standards and sit for Government National Examinations in Grade 3, 6, 9 and Matric. Registration Number: DET REG. No. .A26407 and for our examinations GDE Centre No. 132241

It was finally resolved that Freedom Community College focus exclusively on Science, Economic & Management Sciences and Humanities.

Message From:

Mr. C. Ndlovu

Principal at Freedom Community College, Divilliers Street.

Freedom Community College has a primary section, the high school specializes in Commerce, Sciences and Humanities.Learners in the Commerce stream will matriculate with Accounting, Maths and Economics while learners in the Humanities stream will matriculate with Geography, History and Tourism. The four BASA primary schools offer all learning areas.

Learners enrolling in Grade 10 should seek advice from educators before making subject choices of any subject stream they prefer. However, learners may be persuaded to follow alternative streams based on strength and competence in certain subjects, e.g. Maths, Physics, Accounting, Social studies, etc. Proof of grade level (recent school academic report) will be required in all cases. Learners may be assessed when necessary in order to determine the grade level and subject stream to follow.


Mathematics Arts & Culture
English Economic Management
Natural Science Technology
Life Orientation Computer Literacy
Additional Languages

Subjects at Freedom are grouped in accordance to career lines – Humanities stream and Commerce stream. The four BASA primary schools offer all learning areas. Note: *Computer Literacy is not examinable.

SUBJECTS OFFERED: Grade 10 to 12 (Matric)

English Home Language English H/Language English Home Language
Afrikaans / Vernacular Afrikaans / Vernacular Afrikaans / Vernacular
Life Orientation Life Orientation Life Orientation
Accounting Accounting History
Business Studies Business Studies Mathematical Literacy
Economics Economics Life Science / Agricultural Science/ Physical Science
Mathematics Mathematics Literacy Geography
Tourism Tourism Tourism
Computer applications Technology, CAT Computer Literacy* Computer Literacy
Computer studies are offered to all learners – Grade 1 to Matric. At BASA FREEDOM SCHOOL, every child should be able to operate a computer. Computer lessons are offered free of charge. However, learners are required to buy computer text books. Please obtain text book lists from the school.
BASA FREEDOM has prescribed text books in each subject/learning area. Study manuals are also prescribed in certain learning areas. It is compulsory for each learner to acquire minimum number of text books.

Click HERE to download the list.

Learners will be required to acquire stationery items needed to run for a full year. Please obtain this list of stationery items from school.Each learner will be given a school diary.

Click HERE to download the list.

Uniform is compulsory and must be worn in its entirety. Blazers must be worn on all school days throughout the year (this is applicable to high school learners only). Learners will NOT be allowed to enter BASA schools without full uniform. See Learners’ Code of Conduct for more details on school uniform. School Uniform is obtainable from:


We offer a wide range of sporting activities and all learners are encouraged to take part, either at a competitive or social level. The school has a team of 80 highly dedicated teachers who are specialists in their fields or subjects.