Fees for 2019

BASA FREEDOM SCHOOL is a private school and thus charges school fees to all its learners from January to December. Parents may choose to pay school fees in full before 31st January; monthly as indicated.

Please NOTE

  1. Arrear fees shall be stated on transfer card.
  2. Children who are admitted during the term or in the middle of the term will be liable to pay for the whole term. e.g. if you register in February or March you will be liable to pay for the whole term i.e. January to March.
  3. Parents with more than one child are given a discount as shown in the fees Table.
  4. Parents who pay the full amount of fees for the whole year, before January 31st, will be allowed a discount of fees for one month.
  5. Fees are charged for the entire academic year.
  6. Fees should be paid by the 1st day of each month from January to December. Thereafter it is deemed as arrears.
  7. Total fees for the year must be paid up by December the 1st.
  8. Fees should be paid directly at the bank. Deposits may be made at any branch of First National Bank. Payments may be made either by ATM, bank transfer or direct deposit at any First National Bank.

BASA FREEDOM SCHOOLBanking Details are as follows:

Please state the CHILD’S NAME & SURNAME as reference on the deposit slip. E.g. Ref: Patrick Radebe G5A


Bank : First National Bank


Branch No. : 251 905

Account No. : 506 800 592 82

Grade 8 & 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 & Matric
Minimum Fees Payable on Registration Day

(This amount consists of January tuition fees only)

R 700 R 850 R 1,150
Fees per month

Discounted payment (For more than one learner in a family)

R 700

R 640

R 850

R 780

R 1,150

R 780

Fees for the year (from January to December)

Discounted Amount (if paid before 31 January in full)

R 8,400

R 7,700

R 10,200

R 9,350

R 13,800

R 12,650