About Us

We pray for all Matriculants and the rest of our learners writing exams during this period, May God be with you all. Dont forget to study though, 100% input, 100% results!!!!!

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We have always strived to create a centre of learning excellence and to provide an environment where learners regardless where they come from are stimulated to first acquire knowledge, create knowledge and where possible their creative endeavours identified and nurtured. We firmly believe the world we live in is now a better because somewhere, somehow one person thought creatively. This vision has been fulfilled; our school has opened previously unimagined doors for a vast number learners. We now boast of accountants, econometrists, economists, lawyers and finance graduates that came through our hands.

The blend and breadth of our learning programs, coupled with the rare and exceptional qualifications of our teaching staff, their unmatched experiences in matriculation curriculum and the strengths of our administrators and the school principal has enabled our school to remain a force to reckon with among the Johannesburg Inner City Schools. No doubt in years to come; our learners will flood the industry and be amongst the finest modern-day business and commerce leaders. We will always set our eyes in today’s world and the world to come, change and adapt whenever circumstances dictate so. The school principal strongly believes we are preparing the next generation of politicians and business leaders.

Despite our curriculum orientation; we have surprisingly produced learners that have defied odds and have gone all the way to take up extremely demanding courses like econometrics, informatics and actuarial science. This alone should be indicative enough of Freedom Community College strength in mathematics. Ordinarily our goal was to ensure as many previously disadvantaged groups enter rewarding careers in finance and accounting. We have done that and so far we have made significant inroads in that endeavour. Countless numbers of our graduates have entered the financial sector in fields like banking, accounting, management, finance and auditing.

Our humanities graduates have always shined at school and in careers. Amongst these graduates we have produced law, nurses, pathologists and tourism graduates. Interestingly our humanities learners also make it in finance, marketing and management degrees.

As an institution we interact with the outside world. We have had a positive response from industry and the international community. Freedom has from time-to-time received sponsorship for our deserving learners from industry. So far received 3 scholarships from CIDA University worthy R90 000 for finance studies and again 3 from Masharaharit Institute of R237 000. International accrediting organizations have often called in; inviting us to register for international accreditation. Local universities like University of Johannesburg, UNISA and Durban University of Technology recognised our contribution to education in South Africa. We have often received requests from these universities and the student teachers for teaching practice placements, service learning and even research. This is very healthy for our school; we get to know of new trends in education what is happening around us.